We analyze numbers and markets using innovation and identifying trends to generate the products of the future.


  • Product specification & front-loading with analysis of
    Market trends, technical feasibility, freedom to operate, unique selling points (USPs), competitiveness, time to market, marketability.
  • Product development bolstered by
    Risk, business plan, and ROI analyses.
  • Go-to-market & commercialization strategy, including
    Product launch, key opinion leader management, verification and accreditation, and reimbursement strategies.


  • Project composition and definition of work packages.
  • Project planning with milestone and capacity management.
  • Management of internal groups (stakeholders and advisory boards) as well as external groups (key opinion leaders, accreditation organizations).

By taking over these management functions, EMC2 closes gaps in time, resources and expertise in the areas of product and project management.

Can be booked at a daily rate, please feel free to contact us HERE if interested.


We will make sure you’re ready for all challenges so you aren’t leading your company reactively, but rather proactively into the future.


  • Analysis of process flows and interface efficiencies in organizations with detailed SWOT analysis and recommendations for optimization.
  • Analysis of the existing portfolio taking into account the competitive atmosphere, internal synergy effects, positioning on the market (brand expectation), and recommendations for optimizing the portfolio.
  • Analysis of organization structures and their functionality for the corresponding work tasks internal to the company, or with a focus on performance of the go-to-market strategy.
  • Strategy development, including a five-year plan based on internal and external conditions and variables, market analysis, customer trends, and innovative potential.

With an experienced outside perspective and 20 years of experience in strategy & process analysis, EMC2 facilitates measurable efficiency and increases in productivity and added value.

Can be booked at a daily rate, please feel free to contact us HERE if interested.


In order to successfully tackle changes in an innovative and dynamic way, you must be prepared to make predictions about the existing business model, with all its strengths and weaknesses, in order to clearly address factors critical to success. Inter-divisional solution packages with management, consulting, and coaching content are the basic prerequisite for successfully and logically handling phases of change.

  • Development of strategic concepts and definition of the goals and phases of the change process.

  • Planning and support for processes and the necessary structural adjustments.

  • Additional training for employees who proactively support and mediate the change process within the company.

By taking on overlapping tasks in change/transformation management, EMC2 meets the goal of managing internal change with acceptance and compliance to achieve positive results.

Can be booked at a daily rate, please feel free to contact us HERE if interested.


We work with managers, teams, and organizations to make diversity an everyday reality and personal development a practical goal.

EMC2 offers various modules in the area of coaching that are oriented towards individuals as well as teams and organizations. A productive working environment that promotes diversity and leadership increases team satisfaction, performance, and agility. The coaching module from EMC2 conveys up-to-date knowledge on leadership and diversity, thus creating new resources for management and consulting.


  • A customized approach epitomizes our one-on-one coaching module and our speed coaching module. It is designed for start-ups, emerging from the foundation phase, companies pursuing an open, communicative working environment , or an individual person with concrete questions defined in advance on professional positioning and further career development.
  • Speed coaching days are offered to companies and organizations in 90-minute units, with at least 4 and no more than 8 participants.
  • One-on-one coaching sessions can be booked by the hour, with at least 2 hours per one-on-one coaching session for a single person and agreed upon individually
  • Interactive presentations combine the classic didactic presentation, during which only cognitive knowledge is conveyed, with interactive units. In the area of leadership communication in particular, theoretically conveyed content is implemented to practical use through role playing. Roles become identifiable, tangible, and perceivable, thus transforming them into knowledge. All levels of communication are reflected, from verbal to non-verbal expression, a factor that is significantly underestimated in many situations notwithstanding its importance in influencing outcomes within the professional context.

  • Interactive presentations are given for time periods ranging from 45 minutes to 2 hours and are thematically adapted to meet the needs of companies and organizations. They can also be combined with other modules, such as a speed coaching day.

  • Workshops focus on the areas of management and consulting, with particular focus on the issues and content for successful company development. The analysis of working environments brings clarity to networks, personal responsibility, and management goals. What mission and vision would a sales team have to follow, for example, in order to use USPs successfully? This and other content are worked on in groups, supplemented with theoretical knowledge from EMC2, and learned and stored using practical exercises that make it an authentic, relevant experience.

  • Workshops are typically day modules with goals defined in advance. EMC2 will put together the program and coordinate the final version before the workshop.


Day seminars:

Who hasn’t had the feeling of not being heard in a meeting? Lost in Translation addresses this silent voice, offers targeted strategies for a solution, and gives every participant the opportunity to try out what they’ve learned with a practice partner. “The art of communicating properly with one another is like learning to walk: you fall on your face quite a lot until someone lovingly takes you by the hand.” (Wilma Eulich)

Based on the fundamental question: Manager or Leader? Leadership and the ability to lead are becoming ever more important in these times of change. During the seminar, concrete experiences and situations are experienced interactively by the participants for the participants. “Anyone who leads where people do not follow is merely going for a walk!” (Reinhard K. Sprenger)

  • Personal continuing education combined with time for relaxation in the beauty of the landscape surrounding Lake Constance. Use the seminar for mental stimulation and the lake for relaxation. Our weekend seminars are modularly constructed and can thus be tailored to meet individual needs for stimulation or calm.

  • The centerpiece is:
    the day seminar module

  • Other bookable modules:
        Bodensee-Therme, Überlingen
        Sauna wellness, Bodensee-Therme
        Spa treatment, Bodensee-Therme
        Italian gourmet evening „Allegreto“

  • Weekend seminars take place: xx/yy/2018 at EMC2 on Lake Constance


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