I am a biologist with a PhD in biology and over twenty years of professional international experience in leadership positions in biotech and health care. I am also a wife and mother of two grown children, and I lead the executive council of a riding club with four employees and 150 members.

Entrepreneurship and management structures have been common themes throughout my professional life. I’ve been responsible for establishing new units and innovative processes within large companies, the identification of new market segments, and the pursuit of convincing market introduction strategies across disciplines and countries. These real world experiences are some of the key skillsets that distinguish me and my core competencies in the areas of management and consulting. I am acutely familiar with the needs and demands of small organizations, and I believe that profiles and added value must be analyzed and customized across a spectrum of enterprise sizes.

As with any other biography, I too have had to rethink my path and reinvent myself, my role, my professional position, and my function; figure out just what's important, and integrate all of it into a coherent purposeful package.


In companies and in positions that demand entrepreneurial thinking at critical points, there can be no long-term success without a clear awareness of one’s role. In addition to professional key competencies that convey products and services competitively and make them economically measurable, today it is of utmost importance to form teams and lead them in such a way as to guarantee employees’ satisfaction and ability to perform.

Many years of experience have taught me that personnel-related, social, and intercultural competencies are instrumental factors for both female and male managers to productively realize their potential in leadership and team building across various time zones and continents. It takes a leadership style capable of identifying and implementing visions - together with a working environment that fosters knowledge and passion while also cultivating openness and diversity- to maintain high team performance over the course of a project. For managers, this means first and foremost: responsibilities and processes must be communicated appropriately.


Although the image of the “glass ceiling” may seem to have been relegated to the past by a growing awareness of cultural diversity, structural barriers continue to hinder people's personal professional growth and companies’ economic growth. This causes unquantifiable damage. We need to understand what causes this and how can it be avoided?

As a Profit by Difference coach®, I use tools and methods to identify and highlight the barriers in vertical and horizontal corporate structures, to dismantle them, and finally to resolve them. “Women work differently to men” defines an area of potential conflict in professional life that can be resolved through mutual understanding of different communication systems and can even be transformed into positive energy. Those without a voice are empowered, and new resources will be identified to make managers and companies successful. From speechlessness to eloquence, and so new resources are established to make individuals and companies successful.

Through my company, EMC2, I offer you my knowledge, insight and experience in the areas of management, consulting, and coaching. EMC2 offers industry- and market-related consulting coupled with innovative coaching for novel solution packages that will make your portfolio and team something special that stands out from the crowd.


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