The seminar revolves around the fundamental question: Manager or leader? Leadership and the ability to lead are becoming ever more important in these times of change. While management is focused on maintaining continuity and order, leadership produces change and movement—elements that are becoming increasingly important economic factors in a globalized, rapidly changing society. In this seminar, participants learn about, and get to better understand roles and hallmarks of leadership. Concrete situations and contexts are interactively emulated by participants, for participants.

„Anyone who leads where people do not follow is merely going for a walk!“ (Reinhard K. Sprenger)

Topic of the seminar:

  • The principles of leadership and management and their results.
  • Of dead horses and followership.
  • Leadership can be learned – practical experiences* with biped and quadroped.
  • What makes me a leader? What should I bring to the table so my employees will follow me?
  • What are my goals as a leader?


A maximum of three people from the same company/organization can participate in each open seminar.
Total number of participants is 10 to 25 people.
For companies interested in this seminar module please contact us directly.


Day seminars „Of Farmers and Hunters“ held at:

Lake Constance:


*A person or, optionally at the Lake Constance location, a horse is available as a practice partner. This is particularly important when it comes to being a follower within the context of non-verbal communication, where interacting with a horse can be extremely helpful. The horse is only used here as needed and upon request.


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